I am an independent writer/director based in Brooklyn, NY. I've recently completed my Master's Degree in Film Production at the University of Texas at Austin. 
For as long as I can remember filmmaking has been the passionate language with which I have best expressed myself. I have taken this passion with me to many places. Places where I acquired a vast array of skills and experiences that enable me to contribute meaningfully to filmmaking in a variety of positions.  I’ve worked for production companies, political campaigns, college classrooms, movie theaters, on a farm, in a hair salon and a retail kitchen - whatever I can do to keep supporting my work and ambitions.
In the creation of my own independent films, I’ve learned leadership, grit, and kindness. I’ve learned to embrace the often frustrating but necessary work required to get a movie made and I know the value of people.
While filming for political organizations I learned to deliver on-time and on-message. I learned how important it is to know your audience, and to equally engage their minds as well as their hearts. Teaching in the classroom, I learned how to listen and how to play.  The joyful ingenuity that my students exhibit when they create films reminds me to be totally uninhibited in my creativity, and to trust my instincts.  
I’ve often said that if I could sing, creative expression might be a tad bit simpler.  But I love movies. Filmmaking began as a passion that has since evolved into purpose. If I could make an audience feel the way I feel when I watch movies, with that special kind of reverence and awe we reserve for shooting stars, that would make me happy.

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